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Rubide™ Chronic Probes

Spike Neuro Rubide™ neural probes are designed and engineered to bring neural recording and stimulation to the next level of longevity and performance. Our pilot line of neural probes feature layouts intended to be as familiar as possible to researchers using classic Michigan-style silicon probes, featuring standard passive arrangements of 16, 32, and 64 contacts in a variety of popular lengths and configurations including linear, edge mounted, and multi-columnar. However, the similarities end there as our Rubide™ probes are manufactured using the cutting edge of MEMS manufacturing techniques as well as our own proprietary silicon carbide surface enhancement, which replaces the usual silicon dioxide dielectric with a much higher-performing material in terms of fracture toughness, stimulation capacity, crosstalk reduction, and inflammatory tissue response.

Chronic small animal configurations of our Rubide™ probes feature miniature interface boards mounted with a variety of popular connector options, including Omnetics and TDT ZIF. Our chronic probes are designed to occupy as little space as possible in the headcap with a short height profile, allowing for straightforward implantation and stable chronic performance. Both connector-fixed and flexible cable options are available, with a variety of cable lengths allowing our probes to be employed in a versatile assortment of implant configurations.

  • Miniature connector mount for low profile chronic implants in rodent and small animal, optimized for freely-behaving experiments
  • Available in fixed for flexible cable configurations (multiple cable lengths available)
  • Superior dielectric surface engineering for improved durability and longevity without added thickness
  • Sputtered iridium contact sites ideal for recording or stimulation
  • Extremely straight shank for smooth insertion and precise targeting
  • Multiple site layout options including linear, edge, offset, honeycomb and tetrode
  • Single or multi-shank options available by custom order
  • Sites available in circular or rectangular profiles in multiple sizes optimized for single unit, LFP, and micro-stimulation
  • All common miniature headstage connector options supported, including Omnetics, Molex, and TDT ZIF
  • Natively compatible with leading data acquisition systems and headstages

Spike Neuro maintains an inventory of popular standard probe designs for fast shipping but is able to produce a broad range of alternative and specialized custom.

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Receive Probes On Time, Every Time

We maintain a large inventory of key probe designs to allow for same-day shipping of many models. We can also quickly manufacture and ship custom or modified designs.


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