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Spike Neuro

is a neuro technology development company that provides a foundation for new products to grow. We provide a home for neuroscience researchers outside of an institutional setting to develop new neuroscience products and get them to market.

Behind Spike Neuro is a team of researchers who know a lack of good ideas is not one of the limitations to advancing neuroscience. Frustrated with seeing exciting technology that could help researchers, clinicians, and patients placed on a shelf, we are working to provide innovators with the guidance, resources, and infrastructure for successful commercialization of neurotechnology.  

We know that not every great idea can support its own company, but by providing a home for many small ideas to grow, we can create big things. We believe the best neuroscience products will be developed where ideas and people have a place to come and work together.     

Spike Neuro is located in Ann Arbor, MI, but we are excited to work with innovators from all over the country and the world. We would love to talk to you about your neuroscience idea and how Spike Neuro can make it a reality. 

Lawrence Savoy | Chief Executive Officer

Lawrence attended Saint Ambrose University and University of Michigan with studies in both Cognitive Neuroscience and English Literature. Driven by the overall environment of business operations, Lawrence thrives on finding simplicity in the complex. He has years of experience in entrepreneurship, sales and marketing, and the development of strategies to fuel organic growth within each market sector. 

In building multiple companies from online micro transactions, to developing boutique software companies; he has built a number of companies from scratch into commercialized concepts. Having spent much of his career working with neuroscientists, Lawrence identified a need to provide entrepreneurs better opportunities to bring their neurotechnology ideas to life.  He founded Spike Neuro to address this need while bringing together his passion for neuroscience and his love of business development. As Chief Executive Officer, Lawrence guides the Spike Neuro team through the complexities of the neuroscience market with a vision of the future and a conviction of success in the present.

Rebecca Gerth, PhD | Chief Operating Officer

Rebecca earned her Biomedical Engineering PhD at the University of Pittsburgh working with Dr. Carol Colby where she applied signal processing techniques to study the communication of spatial information between distant brain areas during the planning and generation of voluntary eye movements. Following her defense, she made the leap to industry selling neuroscience tools to animal researchers.

During her years working closely with researchers all over North America, she discovered that their needs and desires often outpaced commercially available research equipment. Driven by a passion for animal electrophysiology and technical innovation she joined Spike Neuro as one of the three co-founding members.

As the Chief Operating Officer at Spike Neuro, she strives to accelerate the commercialization of breakthrough neurotechnology so that available equipment is no longer a major limiting factor in neuroscience research.

Charla Howard, PhD | Chief Clinical Officer

Charla completed her PhD in Biomedical Engineering working with Dr. James Abbas in the Center for Adaptive Neural Systems at Arizona State University and Dr. Dobrivoje Stokic in the Center for Neuroscience and Neurological Recovery at Methodist Rehabilitation Center in Jackson, MS.  Her PhD work focused on developing better ways to evaluate the effectiveness of assistive devices with a goal of increasing affordable access to life changing technology. Charla has always been destined to work in industry and help bring products that improve the lives of people with disabilities to market.

As a founding member of Spike Neuro, Charla brings insight to the needs and processes required to translate neurotechnology to the clinical market. In her role as Chief Clinical Officer, she fosters an environment committed to quality and user-focused development.