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Bridging the Gap between Innovation & Commercialization

At Spike Neuro we are working to advance neuroscience by improving access to cutting edge technology. We partner with academic and cross-industry innovators to commercialize proven research tools, accelerating dissemination and saving fellow researchers time and resources. Whether you are seeking high quality neuroscience research tools or looking to commercialize your own technology, reach out to us today to learn what Spike Neuro can do for you.

Get to Know Us

Behind Spike Neuro is a team of researchers who know a lack of good ideas is not one of the limitations to advancing neuroscience. Frustrated with seeing exciting technology that could help researchers, clinicians, and patients placed on a shelf, we are working to provide innovators with the guidance, resources, and infrastructure for successful commercialization of neurotechnology.  

Spike Neuro Probes

Offering standard catalog and customizable options, our most advanced low-impedance silicon microelectrodes expand your research options for multi-channel electrophysiology research. Customize nearly any feature to meet your exact research needs.

The Element

Designed by experts in awake/behaving experiments, the Element is the ideal data acquisition system for your electrophysiology experiments, offering high channel count recording in a compact package.