Nicolas has been a constant presence in bespoke neural research implant design and sales for nearly a decade and is bringing his experience and talent to Spike Neuro as our Chief Business Development Officer. Nicolas completed his PhD in Bioengineering at the University of Pittsburgh under Dr. Xinyan Tracy Cui, where he studied the characterization and performance of conducting polymer drug releasing films on neural probes using complex equivalent circuit modeling methods. Following his graduation, Nicolas entered industry where he served for nine years as Director of Business Development and COO of Microprobes for Life Science, where he directed technical sales of custom array products for research labs around the globe.
Nicolas serves a variety of key roles at Spike Neuro, including directing technical sales of our custom research products as well as working with industrial partners and labs to bring exciting new tools and technologies to the marketplace. He is excited to work with all of you in helping you find effective solutions to your most challenging neural research applications.