Lawrence attended Saint Ambrose University and University of Michigan with studies in both Cognitive Neuroscience and English Literature. Driven by the overall environment of business operations, Lawrence thrives on finding simplicity in the complex. He has years of experience in entrepreneurship, sales and marketing, and the development of strategies to fuel organic growth within each market sector.

In building multiple companies from online micro transactions, to developing boutique software companies; he has built a number of companies from scratch into commercialized concepts. Having spent much of his career working with neuroscientists, Lawrence identified a need to provide entrepreneurs better opportunities to bring their neurotechnology ideas to life. He founded Spike Neuro to address this need while bringing together his passion for neuroscience and his love of business development. As Chief Executive Office, Lawrence guides the Spike Neuro team through the complexities of the neuroscience market with a vision of the future and a conviction of success in the present.