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Introducing Spike Neuro Probes

High quality silicon-based probes to empower your research without breaking your budget.


Exceptional Quality

Manufactured in a state-of-the-art foundry, our team is surrounded by a rich legacy of probe innovation and excellence. Building on decades experience, our highly durable probes boast excellent signal to noise ratio and low impedance values. To ensure top quality, our probes go through rigorous testing before they get to your lab, so there are no surprises when you start recording data.

Channel Count

Our off-the-shelf probes are readily available in the most sought-after channel count options. We keep 16 and 32 channel probes in multiple designs in stock in order to provide our customers with quick turnaround times to keep your research moving.


Meeting a range of research needs, our ready-to-order probes are available in 5mm and 10mm lengths. Our current designs include:

probe designs


Integrating Spike Neuro probes into you existing research set-up is simple. Our probes are available with multiple connector options to seamlessly integrate with your data collection system.


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Custom Probe Designs

The perfect probe for your research starts with you. Browse the catalog to see our popular design choices, such as electrode shape and spacing, but know that your imagination is the only limitation. Our sales representatives are always available to walk you through the entire design process to ensure that your custom design fits your exact needs.

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