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Introducing the Element

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Offering high channel count recording in a compact package, the Element is the ideal data acquisition system for your electrophysiology experiments. Capable of recording from up to 512 channels, our turnkey design and simple integration with peripheral equipment will reduce the hassle of experimental setup while maintaining high quality data transmission. Designed by experts in awake/behaving experiments, the Element has your lab space in mind. Compact size with the power you are looking for.  

Proven Performance

Powered by the versatile and robust Open Ephys hardware and software suite, the Element has the power and throughput needed for almost all labs. Our turnkey design is engineered to make science easy again.

Powerful Processor

With 512 channels and the speed to match, the Element is lightweight with a heavy hitting package.

Complete Solution

Spike Neuro takes pride in their total support package. Let our expert team setup your DAQ, train your lab, and answer any questions before you start your first experiment.

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Features and Specs

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