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Coming Soon: SiC

Coming Soon: Silicon Carbide

Probes Elevated: Silicon Carbide Microelectrodes

With superior biocompatibility, excellent electrical properties, and enhanced chemical stability our SiC microelectrodes are built to withstand the test of time.

Benefits of Silicon Carbide over Silicon Oxide

  1. Superior Biocompatibility: SiC is chemically inert and exhibits little to no glial reaction, making it ideal for long-term implantation in the body.
  2. Enhanced Electrical Properties: With a lower dielectric constant, SiC has better insulation and reduced electrical crosstalk than SiO for cleaner recordings.
  3. Increased Stimulation Capabilities: Amp up your stimulation experiments with SiC probes. Increased breakdown voltage of SiC allows you to stimulate at higher voltages for longer compared to SiO without site degradation.
  4. Future-Ready: Silicon Carbide's advanced properties align with the future trends of neuroscience, including long-term neural recording and stimulation, making it an ideal choice for forward-looking research and applications.